About Moreno Moretti

Expert guidance to Le Marche travel, investments and exporting artisan produce.

“My own dream and passion is to carry on and develop sustainable travel destinations, selecting the best niche in Le Marche Region and communicate its integrity.”

As well as being the owner of Le Marche Holiday and a Culinary Tour specialist, Moreno is a true native of the Marche region (Ascoli Piceno).

​For the last decade, he has been at the forefront of the gastronomic scene in Italy, always with a great desire to promote the le Marche region and the rest of Italy through its many unique fragrances and flavours which stay with you forever.

He takes pride in the historical and artistic atmosphere which has made the country envied throughout the world.

Not least striving to let people experience this authenticity through its land, people, and typical products.

By sharing fascinating stories of local Le Marche people, farmers, winemakers and artisans, a new generation will help ensure a knowledge and continuity of the uniqueness of Italian lifestyle.

For this reason Le Marche Holiday is investing a large part of its energy to protect historic identity and to promote it around the Globe.



Moreno Moretti

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